What’s in a Name?

Perhaps you’re wondering about my choice of name for this blog.

I believe names are very important, which is why I took a lot of time deliberating over this one. And the answer to “Why Elegant Adventures?” comes with a little bit of personal history.

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always sort of imagined myself as an adventurer. Whether it was something I really was or something I only wanted to be, doesn’t really matter. A somewhat Vernian sense of exploration has always been a driving force in my outlook on life. It influences my taste in art, where the I want to travel, my general attitude. The word “adventure” alone has a lot of important connotations for me.

And now for “Elegant”. This is a little more complicated. Though I was a tomboy as a kid, I began wearing modest feminine dress when I was a teenager. I quickly realized this was a brand new outlet for self expression that I hadn’t anticipated. My fashion philosophy quickly became “Anything you want to do, you can do in a skirt.” And I’ve lived by it for years now. I’ve cleaned barns, fixed fences, taken care of animals, and a million other things, all in a skirt.

(Although admittedly, sometimes with a pair of shorts underneath.)

Wearing skirts was in interesting phenomenon for me. It didn’t make me less myself, even though at first it meant I was dressing drastically different than I used to. In fact, I’d say it made me more myself. I’d always had that tomboy streak and I still do, but I’d also always wanted to be beautiful, elegant.

And that’s where that word comes from for me. The most feminine word I always used to describe what I wanted to be was elegant. An Elegant Adventurer. I found feminine dress was the perfect way for me to be both.

So to answer the question in the title of this post, the title of this blog is a little peek into my identity.

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