A Different Thanksgiving

As you may suppose from my previous post, this year’s Thanksgiving will be a bit bittersweet.

Having suffered a miscarriage at the beginning of this week means that Thanksgiving probably won’t be as happy as it usually is for me. Thanksgiving is one of those wholesome, American holidays that I can’t help but love. Plus, it’s a great time to spend with family as well.

I still get to spend Thanksgiving with family this year, which is a wonderful thing. But there’s still going to be a reminder in the back of my mind of what I’m missing.

Just because I don’t want to forget the child I’ve lost, doesn’t mean I can’t also start to heal. Though I’m normally a very private person when it comes to grief, I thought the best way to heal would be to get back on my feet and among people I love and who love me. We arrived at my in-law’s house last night and even after less than a day, I know it’s already been a very good decision.

Whatever may be making your Thanksgiving something other than you wanted it to be, you can still have a good one. Just because you’re grieving or troubled somehow, doesn’t negate the possibilities of happiness for you. I’m only just starting to heal, but being around people I love is already helping me.

So that’s the advice I’ll give. Find who you love and spend Thanksgiving with them! Take it from me, it’ll help you more than you expected and you may even have a lovely day in the process.

Happy Thanksgiving! Make it a good one!

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