On Being “Mom”

Our little bundle of joy was born about a month and a half ago now and both me and my husband are just head over heels for him!

I know that doesn’t give me a lot of time to speak from a place of authority on the topic in the title, so I won’t be giving any advice, but here’s one new mom’s beginning grasps on the intricacies of this identity.

It’s funny seeing all these Mother’s Day advertisements about doing such and such for “Mom” and finally thinking “Oh wait! That’s ME! I’m Mom!” That’s really what sparked the writing of this post if I’m being honest.

In some ways I’ve been that since our first pregnancy which unfortunately ended in miscarriage. And in some ways, I was that again from the beginning of this pregnancy with our son. But I didn’t really feel it until holding the little guy in my arms the first time. And even then it didn’t quite sink in.

I’m becoming much more comfortable with that title a month into things. It didn’t feel like it fit me at first. I felt like a bit of a fool, not really knowing what I was doing. I still don’t feel knowledgeable and I’m still getting used to things but at least I don’t feel completely lost now. All I knew initially was I loved the tiny little person in my arms and I’d do anything for him no matter how difficult it was.

It has given me a new appreciation for my mother and even my grandmother. I always knew my mom loved me but I never quite grasped what that meant until now.

And I can only imagine the kind of love I’ll get to experience when I’m in their shoes, looking at my child or grandchild’s baby.

Since becoming “Mom” my feelings all feel so much bigger, both the good and the bad. There’s so many perks that come with this new name, like the smiles my little boy gives me and the time I get to spend just looking at him while he sleeps cuddled up to me. It’s not without hardships and I’m still learning to cope with those but it’s all worth the struggles and the pain I had to go through to get here.

I somehow feel both a bit lost and like my whole life was leading up to this point. I’m still overwhelmed by all the changes to my life and myself, but I am also the happiest I’ve ever been.

Being “Mom” is absolutely magical.

3 thoughts on “On Being “Mom”

  1. Audry Salvador

    That was beautiful and well said. I never knew what love was until I held my child in my arms. I loved others. My husband and parents. But the love for a child is beyond words. I can’t imagine how much God must love me.

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