My Ruby Ribbon Story

Like many women, I’ve always had trouble with bras being uncomfortable and even painful. And up until recently, I’d thought they were just a necessary evil if I wanted to avoid chafing. But I recently discovered I was wrong thanks to a company called Ruby Ribbon.

I was introduced to Ruby Ribbon by my mom about two months ago, shortly after my son was born. My nursing bra was giving me both pain and causing issues with nursing, so she bought me the Nursing Cami. Immediately after putting it on, I felt more comfortable in a bra than I had in nearly a decade.

I’d been larger chested since high school and it was hard to find bras and keep them since they seemed to wear out so quickly, no matter how well I took care of them. To give you an idea, I was wearing a 40 J cup in my nursing bra. Before pregnancy I was maybe two cup sizes smaller, but suffice it to say I was pretty hard to fit even then.

Every bra that gave me any support was some degree of uncomfortable to painful. And this was only worse once I got my first nursing bra. There were almost no options for someone of my size (relatively small band size for the cup size I had) so I had to get underwire. And even after only wearing that for a few days, I was getting clogged ducts from it too.

Then enter Ruby Ribbon.

When I first tried on my Nursing Cami, I realized we’d happened onto something amazing. Not only was it perfect for nursing, but it helped smooth that postpartum belly too.

After about a month, I also got the Ultimate Demi. I’ve been able to nurse in the Ultimate Demi as well, despite that it isn’t specifically made for it. I HIGHLY recommend both.

With these products, I finally had a supportive bra alternative. I especially liked the inner sling that both the Nursing and Ultimate collections have. It’s comfortable while being functional and fits a much wider range of shapes than ordinary bras do. They also aren’t more expensive than an ordinary bra, which was great for me because money can be tight, especially with a new baby. The best part also was the shoulder straps don’t dig into you since the support is from the sling, the molded cups, etc, not the straps.

One more note I have is that I was always one of those kids who complained about the textures of clothing and I’ve remained rather picky as an adult. I was a bit concerned that the fabric this was made of would be something I wouldn’t like. However, not only does the fabric not bother me, but I actually like it!

They also have swimwear, sportswear, and fun seasonal colors in certain styles, though I’m more of a classic colors kind of girl myself. They have something for everyone and I already have a ton more of their items on my wishlist myself!

After all that, I very quickly decided this was something I wanted to make available to any other women that needed it. You’ll find my stylist website here and the best link to search through here. If you find something you like, please put my name (Elizabeth Dugan) in as your stylist! Also feel free to reach out to me about it, if you’ve got any questions!

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