Writing has Changed for Me

I knew last year when I found out that I was pregnant that a lot of things would change in my life, not least of all my writing.

It’s not as though there haven’t been difficult parts, but I’ve loved every minute of being a mom. I’m still learning the ropes but becoming a stay at home mom is honestly the best and I couldn’t be happier.

But back to those changes I was talking about.

My writing journey has changed a TON since having a kid. My son is 6 months old now and I have gotten back to writing, though not exactly in the way I was before. Previously, I’d burrow into the couch with my laptop, surrounded by a cup of coffee and snacks. That’s not often in the cards now.

Now I usually have to snatch opportunities to write at the strangest of times, but mostly whenever my son naps. (I’m writing a good bit of this post during one of those naps) We almost always end up on the rocking chair together and I find myself with little else to do since he’s in my arms.

So I decided I might as well take these few moments of quiet when there’s no claims on my attention to write. But I’ve not been getting out my laptop, since it’s really too hard for me to juggle a sleeping baby and a laptop on my lap (if you’ve got tips, feel free to share them!).

Instead, I’ve been writing on my phone.

Is that a little insane? Maybe, but you make do how you can. I had enough desire to write that that this is how I’ve ended up doing it.

Writing isn’t as large of a priority for me as it has been in the past, but that doesn’t mean it has ceased to matter to me. It’s still my main and favorite hobby and I do still hope to publish one day.

To be honest, I’m just excited to be back to writing and be able to fit it around my main priorities, which are my husband and son.

The current project I’ve been working on has been “nearly finished” since last November and I’ve only just gotten back to being able to work on it. I’m a mere few chapters away from finishing the second part in my duology.

This is a story I began writing in March of 2021 as a way to redirect my energy and distract myself from the grief of the miscarriage I’d had in November 2020. I threw myself wholeheartedly into working on this project and since that March, I’ve written over 600 pages between the duology.

And now, I’ll get to finish writing it with my rainbow baby in my arms as he sleeps peacefully, snuggled up with me.

So writing may be different and my time with my son takes precedence over it, but I haven’t stopped being a writer at heart. It just comes after the titles of wife and mother now.

And soon you’ll be hearing much more about the details of this duology!

To anyone else figuring out how to write again after getting married, having kids, or going through some other major life change, I wish you the best of luck! Don’t be afraid to look for creative solutions. I didn’t think I’d end up finishing the first draft of a book on my phone, but here we are! You can still write, just find its proper place in your day.

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