New Year, New Book

It’s 2023 everyone!

I’m not always one for New Year’s resolutions, but I’ve been making great progress on this and I’m finally feeling ready to talk about it more this year!

I’m currently in the self edit stage of preparing a book for publication!

I’ve been working on this project titled The Arbiter’s Knight for the past two years and it’s nearly a fully polished manuscript now! It’s a fantasy book, part one of a duology. Writing has been much slower for me since having my son and I wasn’t sure this milestone was in the near future, which is largely why I’d put off mentioning this to most people.

Here’s my early version of a book blurb!

The Arbiter assists the king in keeping peace with the nobility. The Arbiter’s castle, where young noble heirs are required to congregate for at least one year before they turn 18, plays a significant role in this regard, serving as a school as well a as a place to foster friendship between them. The castle is currently home to several young nobles, including the crown prince and the heir to the prime minister’s office as well.

Venn Jathil is a young knight who has just been given the task to protect these young nobles. He returns to the Arbiter’s castle after the death of his father to assume his position. At first the castle is a peaceful sanctuary, but that peace is shattered by unrest both in the kingdom and within Venn’s young charges. He soon realizes not all is as it appears and secrets surrounding the murder of the royal family may soon lead to danger and even war.

It’s clean fiction, character driven, and heavy on character psychology. I plan to share some snippets and talk about the main characters soon!

I’ve been writing for a long time now and I’ve learned a lot over the years, especially after dabbling in many different genres and projects. This project is the one I have felt the most connected to. This book was an outlet for my emotions at a difficult time for me personally and I invested a great deal of myself into this story and these characters.

So despite not being much for New Year’s resolutions, my resolution is to finish preparing this first book for publication and to finish the draft of its sequel!

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