Halloween 2020 – Jedi: Fallen Order

I'm obsessed with Halloween. I immerse myself in spooky music all October and most of all, I make a point to dress to the nines as much as I can every yearSo we decided to go all out this year (budget considered of course). Our costumes were inspired by the video game Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. The characters of Cal Kestis and Merrin (the Nightsister) were what we chose to base our costumes off of.


NaNo 2020 – The Hallowmas Box

The Hallowmas box can only be found between the hours of midnight and 3am between Halloween and Hallowmas. The box itself is full of several mysterious objects, related to the passage/ties between worlds. Preston Everett is an unusual academic in search of the box. He has a fascination with the supernatural and often dabbles too deep in the ancient and arcane. What he'll find will be secrets beyond what he anticipated, as well as stories of those who have delved too deep into this Otherworld, like himself.


On Gratefulness

Are we really being grateful? I feel like that's a question many of us ask ourselves. “I should be grateful for what I have,” I tell myself. “My life is good. So what if I don’t have everything I want?” “Don’t some people have it worse?” Isn’t that the most common way we make ourselves feel bad for our desires? Of course some people have it worse, but that's not really the point.


A Catholic Woman’s Search for a Holy Spouse

Fair warning for any non-Catholic reading my blog. This is a very Catholic post, as I'm a very Catholic woman. This title is the goal of many Catholic women. For those of us who aren't called the religious life with a vocation as a nun, many of us anxiously await to find our future husband. I've found mine, which means I am removed from this search, but I still vividly remember it, since I am only recently married and only met my husband just over a year ago.

Of Courting … Online? – Pt. 1

wanted to talk about how I met my husband, Max.  We met online on Catholic Match, in April of 2019. Dating apps like Tinder have been very popular within the last several years.  But traditional Catholics like myself aren't likely to find the spouse they're looking for on apps that depend more on superficiality and the pleasure of trivial encounters with the opposite sex.  However, sometimes the internet is where young Catholics have to turn, in order to find a spouse. Personally, I was very skeptical of online dating in general, at first.  I knew of one friend who had found love over the internet, but others I knew had been unsuccessful and I'd heard enough horror stories on the internet to be concerned about who might be on such a website.